Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cleaning Up and Out

Well, we've been busy cleaning. Not typical house cleaning-although that has been happening as well. I mean, the empty out the garage, sort, toss, give, reorganize type of cleaning.

First the GARAGE: people actually thought we were having a yard sale there was so much stuff we pulled out. Most of the stuff I hadn't seen since we moved in.
The photo shown is of the garage. All of this came out of it. It was a long day but the garage did become useable again and clean.

Second: the downstairs-wow! what a job. See here for a reminder. It is clean, organized and I sorted tons of stuff to the give away/throw away piles.

Coming in at THIRD, FOURTH AND FIFTH? all of the kids bedrooms-this was a 3 day process-dejunking happening everywhere! The kids are very happy with the results.

SIXTH you ask? Why it's the laundry room/bathroom-Egads! I had no idea the things I would find lurking in the dark recesses of this room...but no worries! It looks beautiful now.

I tell you, I am not done yet! Coming in at number is the fort-this is one of my favorite places on this property. It's the area underneath the upper deck of the house. Its closed in and pretty cool-When we moved in, all sorts of stuff got dumped here due to lack of knowing where to put it. I finally got around to going through it all. It's now a great play place for the kids with a giant chalkboard, a dollhouse, basketball hoop etc. , a storage place for all sports equipment and even has a table to use for games, eating etc. while enjoying shade in the outdoors. I love it! (the pile at you see at the end is stuff from my craft room-soon to be gone from here)

What? You say I must be done? No! no! I'm not done! Number EIGHT is the RV parking space-we don't have an RV. This was loaded up as the interim junkyard. One big trip to the dump and it's like magic! Poof! everything is gone. (okay the Poof! hasn't happened yet, but the space is now organized and ready to dissappear at a moments notice )

Please put on a sing songy voice while reading; Number NINE!!!! It's my Craft/Music room: this room was affected by a flood this past April. It's been in absolute CHAOS since then. The carpet is being installed this next week so hubby cleared out the entire room-no easy task I tell you. He's busy painting all of the trim white, installing new baseboards and painting the walls. I'm excited. I'll take a photo when it's done. Sometimes hard deadlines are a beautiful thing.

This photo actually makes it look pretty good. Trust me, it wasn't! the paint was all messed up and the carpet was EWWW! So, this is the post move out, pre paint photo.

TEN! TEN! TEN! Finally, my bookshelf in the kitchen. You know the one. The one that becomes the gathering place for everything like mail, books, paint brushes, missing mp3 players, coins, earrings, dvd's, tape (I'm naming a few of the items I found here). It is now a lovely bookshelf to look at.

Whew! We've been busy :) and does it ever feel good!!!


Kristin said...

This is amazing. Hopefully you're not becoming totally anal like me. It was funny to see that I have the same hutch/cupboard you have in the girls room and the colored drawer storage thing in another picture. Someday I'll have to actually come visit and see this amazing house!

Chari said...

Would you please, please come visit? PLEASE?????????