Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Week in Review; Aug 17th-24th

It's been a very busy and eventful week. First off-Sam lost his first tooth. It came out and his tooth didn't bleed at all. He was so excited. This happened on Monday Aug 18th. The tooth fairy visited him that night and left his $1.50.

The next day, Kylie lost a molar tooth. Exciting stuff around here.

Sarah and her friend Becca found Paige's play makeup...this is the result.

I had my carpets cleaned on Wednesday...what an amazing difference that makes!

This past April, the girls auditioned to sing for the Everett AquaSox. It is the Seattle Mariners AAA ballclub here. They were chosen and sang 'God Bless America' this past Friday. They were at the 3rd baseline and sang right before the fireworks show. They did a great job. The only problem is that the batteries on the camera inexplicably died 41 seconds into the performance. I swear I checked and rechecked that camera to make sure there was plenty of memory, batteries etc. Darn that Energizer Bunny!

We are going to try to piece together something from that night, but for now here are some photos.

Afterwards since we were on the ball field the kids helped clean up balls from a game and partcipated in a Hula Hoop contest...Paige tied with another girl. I think they could have been there all night.
While at the ballgame, Sam was playing catch with his dad and a ball bounced up and smacked him on the lip-OUCH! This is what it looked like the next day.

We had lots of friends over to play this week. In fact Thursday and Friday we had 9 kids in and out of the pool all day. It was busy and wet. I've been working on my craft/music room and it's looking great! I love the wall color so much that I want to put it upstairs too! We installed the baseboards and started moving stuff back in. It's been an exciting, eventful and busy, busy week!

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