Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jon asked for my help

I have a good friend from ages ago. His name is Jon Schmidt. Many of you have probably heard of him and his stuff. If you haven't, you should! He is an AMAZING pianist, composer, performer, recording artist, teacher and friend. We met in college at the University of Utah. He was my accompanist when I use to perform alot. He even played at my wedding reception. He has asked for my help and so I am asking for your help!

He has a new youtube video that he would like to get into the eye of the 'public'. I just watched it and it's great. Typical Jon Schmidt, whimsical and you just want to keep on listening.

Please take a moment and enjoy his stuff. He is truly gifted and he's my friend (who asked for my help :)

Also, head over to his site HERE and listen to WATERFALL. It's SOOOO much fun to play!
Thanks friends! I know I can count on you! (okay, that is a mothers guilt comment-but in my defence, I am a mother of 5 ;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Farm Monday at the Big Red Barn

My kids and I go to a farm every Monday and participate in a small 4-H club. We are learning how to raise chickens, sheep, rabbits and goats. It's a great time for all.

Since we began this adventure in January, 6 baby lambs have been born. We have been responsible for going on two different days and taking care of all of the feedings. Trust me-that's alot of animals to take care of. It took us just under 3 hours to feed and water all of the animals.
There are about 80 chickens/roosters,

24 sheep,
6 baby lambs,

8 goats and 3 rabbits.

Normally all of the kids work outside together taking care of the evening feeding. They will work with their specific animal-holding it, walking it, bonding with it. (the kids will eventually attend the fair in August and 'show' these animals in front of judges) Then the gang will go inside and learn more 'stuff'. Lila and Dave who run this club are great! Some kids want to learn to sew, cook, knit etc. We've taken care of all of those things at our home so my gang is focusing on animals.

We love Farm Monday. We've worked through rain, snow, sun, wind, rain, rain, rain...we love it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Knitting Wednesday

Okay, when I wrote this it was Wednesday. It is now Thursday! I'm still keeping the title as is ;)

We knit! We especially knit on Wednesdays! A good friend offered to teach me and my girls how to knit and she has brought more to the table than I could have ever dreamed of.

We have learned about the different types of fibers and touched all of them-from angora to cashmere to camel. So much fun.

We have opened and spun a silkworm.

We made our own spinners and we know how to use them. This is the silk from the silkworm that has been spun by Paige into useable silk. (Wow! Figure out that sentence :)_)

We have combed two different types of fibers together to make them one. We've blended colors by combing. We've felted wool and made little orbs-we consider this our own solar system.

And now? we are knitting. We're knitting balls using 3 different colors-Today we are going to learn how to cast off and we will finish the ball. Then a new project will come. All from my friend! We love Wednesdays! (I've lost the camera with the photos of the current knitting project. I'll post a photo when I find the lost camera.)