Thursday, August 7, 2008


Well, tonight I made it down to Restoration Hardware to look at my perfect bedding. It is divine. I love everything about it. The price tag for everything is only $1100.00. I'm not making that up. So, I will live vicariously through the image of my perfect bedding and start looking for something that will do.

Do you ever get tired of having to settle for what will do? Sometimes I do. Do you? (and yes, I just used 'do' several times on purpose).
Good bye dream bedding. I hope you make sweet dreams for someone else...good bye!
good bye! goodbye!


Kim said...

Maybe try I've been very successful with bedding, etc. there. Their prices are great. You might not find the exact set, but there could be a close replica.

Rebecca said...

I second Great buys.

I wish I were rich. Wouldn't it be fun if you were really rich to come on someone's blog like this and just comment and say, "it's in the mail, on me." That would be so fun.

I love your choice BTW.

Kristin said...

Okay, so why didn't I know you had a blog??!! I just tracked it through a comment put on my blog. I was trying to figure out who Lee Lee was and here I am on your blog! Love your guts.