Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm home

I'm still in shock that I had to have surgery on Friday. But I did and here is the report.

Surgery was scheduled for 2:30 pm. I couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before. It made for a tough day. I couldn't take any pain reliever etc. We arrived at the hospital at 12:45. I was taken immediately back to get changed for surgery-I hate that part! I had to have blood drawn and the first girl missed twice. Darn! A second girl came while 'Evan' my anesthesiologist was chatting with me. He said he didn't need any blood work and told the girl to go away. I was glad. I don't think Evan has the greatest bedside manners but he made me laugh quite a bit.

The IV went in fairly easily and then I was wheeled into the O.R. I've never actually been aware while going into an O.R. I didn't like it. It's really cold, very bright and sterile and everyone is masked. I scooted onto the O.R. table and was laughing out of nervousness until Evan finally sedated me. He had me hold a mask over my mouth but I kept asking questions and moving the mask so he finally held it on tight till I was out.

I woke up while just leaving the O.R. and it was miserable. I think having surgery later in the day makes the anesthesia harder. Having had nothing to eat or drink for so long doesn't give your body anything to help cushion the effect of all of the drugs. It was tough.

I've heard most reports via Steve. Dr. N. said that surgery was very difficult. It took him an hour to find the needle and I had a significant infection in my foot from the needle. Dr. N said that he was ready to stop the surgery and keep me overnight and go back into surgery the next day with the aid of a CT scan. However, I had mentioned to him that my daughters were fasting for him (going without food or water for an extended length of time-the purpose being that the extra sacrifice will bring forth blessings from Heaven) that Dr. N would find the needle. When Dr. N thought of the girls he knew that he couldn't stop and so he paused, thought, repositioned the fluoroscope and found the needle.

My incision is over an inch in length and deep so it looks like I'll be down for the 6 weeks but we won't know for sure until Tuesday at my postop.

I have to say that I'm relieved at how little pain I feel. If I keep still then my foot doesn't bother me at all. If I have to get up then I'm in quite a bit of pain. So...I stay down!

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steffenboysmom said...

I'm glad you made it okay! What an awesome thought to have the girls fast for the doctor. God is faithful isn't He?

Sounds like you better rest!