Thursday, August 28, 2008

You Won't Believe This!

So...last night I was walking through the dining room on my clean, yummy carpets-barefoot of course. I am never, ever barefoot-it freaks me out a little bit. But last night, I was enjoying my clean carpets. I felt a really sharp scrape on the bottom of my foot, took a couple of steps and realized that something was wrong. I looked down and in that clean, yummy carpet I found this:
a broken needle with white thread.

I quickly realized that the other half of the needle was in my foot.

I tried getting it out but this was no splinter. I slept and then early this morning went into my ankle surgeon. He took x-rays and there was the other half of the needle-deeply imbedded in my foot.

Here's the You Won't Believe This! part; Are you ready? Are you sitting down yet? Okay! I warned you.

(opposite foot of the ankle surgery fame)
Wait, it gets better-based on how large the incision turns out to be I will be off of my foot for a minimum of two weeks but most likely 6 weeks. Again with 6 weeks!

I just started laughing and then I needed to throw up!

So...tomorrow is surgery...for a needle...that is lost in my foot...that will put me down for a few weeks...WAIT!!!!! I've already done this!

Wish me luck folks because this is getting old :) (I'll make sure to take pictures just so I can post the EWWWW! factor of this exciting mess.)


steffenboysmom said...

Oh Chari, that sounds painful!! Oh, by the way, I'm Tara. I too have a slew of kids, but was not called to homeschool. But I do have some really great stories and will follow yours as well. I added you to my list of great blogs! Thanks for sharing!

Reddirt Woman said...

If this was back in the olden days they'd slap a piece of back fat or bacon on your foot, tie it up with gauze and the next morning the broken part of the needle would be laying on the fat back or the bacon. It draws out splinters, glass slivers and broken needles.
But good luck with your surgery.


Kristin said...

Only you...