Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a mess!

Well! I made the mistake of going dowstairs today. A place that I haven't seen in several weeks (ankle ya' know). What a huge mistake that was. Imagine 5 children under the age of 12 having complete, unsupervised access to the large play room/craft room/tv room for several weeks. It's sooo horrifying that I cannot even take a photo of it. Books, toys, DVD'S, craft supplies, blocks, cups, spoons, bowls, more cups, clothes, games everywhere!!!! and the list goes on.
Upon seeing this horror I did the only sensible thing-I promptly turned around and went back upstairs. I'm convinced that if I stay up here long enough, the downstairs horror will disappear altogether, I'll realize it was a bad, bad dream and it really is what I envision in my mind...a place of joy, laughter, learning, tranquility and cleanliness. I'm not taking any chances of running into that monstrosity of a place again. I'm up here until it can be proven that cleanliness is back. Wish me luck! and by the way-help!

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Rebecca said...

I really think my husband would curl up in the fetal position for months and murmmur to himself if he ever knew that my kids ran the place for five minutes. I'd be like you...back up the stairs...but he'd never recover. You just rest and sooner or later, it will get to someone and they'll clean up, right? :)