Sunday, August 3, 2008


Sarah is in Sam's room getting ready for bed. She has put on his blue Power Rangers t-shirt and his basketball shorts.

Me: You look so cute!

Sarah: I not cute!

Me: Well then, what are you?

Sarah:(she pauses and thinks) I awesome!

You are awesome little girl! and I love you!
(Photo is Sarah as spiderman-Sam's spiderman costume of course!)

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Whitney and Allen Bennett said...

CHARI BENNETT...I found you on blogspot! How fun! I saw on Julie Hartup's page a link for BENNETT FAMILY, and I was like....I wonder if it's Chari....and it was! I am so excited. It looks like things are going great for you! Well, now you have my blog, so you can read up on things in mine and Allen's life if you would like! Oh I miss you and love you! Tell the family I say hello :)