Monday, November 3, 2008

Wow! Time flies by...

I can't believe it's been well over a month since I've posted. A few things have been going on. Mainly, my laptop crashed hard! Since I store all of my photos, music etc. on this machine it's been painful to have it be gone. I also complete all of my blogging from that poor sick baby. It is in ICU at a friends house. He is trying to salvage the hard drive and possibly the computer. It doesn't look good :)

I've gone through a really funky depression this past month. That is another reason that I haven't's just sometimes too hard. Things are getting better though. My doc calls it 'situational depression' associated with all of the surgeries and pain from the past 1 1/2 years. I agree.

Some updates from the past month:

My best friend from Jr High through college through missions through marriages found me. We had lost touch about 9 years ago and I've missed her terribly. She found me though and I'm so glad she did. Thanks Sue! I love having you back!

I went shopping for some pants that Clinton, Stacey and Tim Gunn would approve of and I found them :) Yea!!!!!! It was hard work and I had to try on probably 50 pair. Man oh man! They had better last a long, long time.

(I realize it's a sad life when I post about pants shopping but it really was exciting)

The kitchen remodel is progressing-slowly but assuredly. Is that correct english? Hmmm!

Hubby's car DIED! We are now sharing one car and I'm left without wheels most days. Darn!

Hubby got a new position within his company. It's a great move and he starts this coming
Friday in the new department. Go honey!

I cleaned the downstairs! Enough said!

My sister Rachel came for a weekend visit. It doesn't get better than that! She is so much fun. So kind, generous and loving to all of us. We miss her.

Homeschooling is plugging along at a great pace. Sam finished his lapbook on 'My Father's Dragon'. It was a great experience and a fun way to read a book. Paige and Lilly continue to work on their Continents Lapbook. They are still in Asia and finding lots to learn about. We've spent some time on Xian's Warriors and on the Yangtze River. Interesting stuff.

Sam is loving Age of Empires III. He is becoming quite self sufficient and skilled at the game. Lilly has been beading up a storm and sent some bracelets and necklaces to my sisters hair salon and they are selling really well. Paige is playing the piano and cooking like she owns a restaurant. She's made donuts, pizza, bagels, scones to just name a few. She is really enjoying math and challenging herself right now. Sarah is growing and funny, funny, funny! Kylie is excelling as always over at the Middle School.

Halloween has come and gone...Kids were a GoGo Girl, Hannah Montana, Witch, Spy in Sunday clothes, and a miniature Hulk. So much fun.

We went and saw High School Musical III in the theater. We LOVED it! We had the theater to ourselves so Sam was dancing in the aisles, girls were cheering and Sarah was running up and down the stairs. Loved, loved, loved it!

Also read 'City of Embers' Loved the book and I highly recommend it. We went and saw the movie and it wasn't nearly as good as the book. So, skip the movie and read the book!

Favorite line from the month; Sam, while trick or treating ran ahead of the crew and shouted out "Follow me boys and I'll lead you to paradise!" Lead away Sam! Lead away!

Okay, I realize that my use of exclamation points is a little over done for this posting. But, it's my blog so there!!!!!

Last comment: I've become addicted to Very inspiring and lovely. Check it out.