Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Midnight Swim-sort of

It has been really, really hot here in Seattle. Several days worth of 90 +degrees. I know that is laughable to many of you but we really aren't use to anything over the mid 70's. I kid you not. So, to help the kids cool off before heading to very hot beds, we've been encouraging them to jump in the pool...

Synchronzed Swimmers!

Even the baby got in the pool!

I love all of the different activities happening; Sam jumping, Lilly diving, Page and Sarah swimming!

Now Paige is jumping and Lilly has Sarah!

Between taking photos of the kids, I took some pictures of my pot garden that resides on my deck... Enjoy!

This is my herb and lettuce garden-basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme, two different lettuces.

Carrots and a very sad strawberry plant

Cherry tomatoes. They are trying awfully hard to just hasn't happened yet :)

This is a picture of Sarah's toe. She insisted that I take a picture of it that night. Anything to make that fantastic child happy.

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Reddirt Woman said...

Life is good, isn't it?!!! After all the hard work of cleaning up and out, then you get to enjoy watching (and taking photos) the kids romp it up in the pool and just relax on your beautiful deck. You do know that swimming is one of the best all around exercises that one can do and it would also be good for your ankle.

Thanks for such a fun post. Now I'm going to have to go start cleaning!!

Helen G.