Friday, January 18, 2013

Paige's Bedroom Makeover-15th Birthday -1 month ago

This is Paige! This is her on her Birthday! Her 15th Birthday! She just spent all day at Childrens Hospital and is not happy about it-though she always wears a smile.  
While Paige was at the hospital, I was very busy at home with lots and lots of friends.  We were transforming her room from a yellow craft room to 'Paige'! Lots of pink combined with beautiful walls of gray.  It turned out spectacular.  

Lilly wrapped Paige's bedroom door.  This is the reveal!
Do you see the chandelier?  It's new! Curtains? new! Bedding? new!
Wa La! Do you see the ode to Blake Shelton?  It's her favorite!

A new vanity with mirror and amazing wall hooks for jewelry, flat irons and hair dryers. 
Her pink wall with her dresser and best friend framed

 See the chandelier?  It's new :)
A new curtain to cover the closet...

 Dry erase board over the keyboard.  Perfect!

This is my older daughter Kylie, who is clearly enjoying taking photos.  Funny!

Kylie's Bedroom Makeover-from 18 months ago :)

For Kylie's 15th birthday we gave her a bedroom makeover! We painted her walls, built her a queen size bed, added curtains, bedding, a desk, and lots of great accessories.  Here are the results! (I know that this was 18 months ago but better late than never?)

I built this Farmhouse bed for Kylie.  Plans are HERE.  The bed cost $120 in supplies and about $30 in paint and stain. 

 It's hard to tell but this is an awesome Snail on a spring so Kylie can make it bounce up and down.  That is her Harry Potter Bookends behind the snail. 
Lilly (little sister) built this dry erase board for Kylie.  She purchased a shower lining board at Lowes for $8.00.  We had Lowes cut it down to size.  She painted trim she purchased for $12.00. We then screwed the board into the wall and added the trim on top.  It's one of Kylie's favorite items. Every month, she starts with a fresh board and adds her favorite quotes, statements, funny moments, events and people.  At the end of the month she erases it and starts over.  It's awesome! The bucket to the right is filled with dry-erase markers.  

Karma and I made this reversible curtain for Kylie's closet door.  We painted the mirror that we've had around forever, hung a flower necklace holder and added Tangled Movie Stills (she LOVES Tangled). I trimmed out the lampshade of the bubble lamp with the  same trim as the closet curtain.  If you look in the mirror you can see her cute corner desk and pink chair-both from IKEA.

 Kylie's corner desk with more Tangled stuff.  Her ribbon board from when she was little, a candy jar filled with Chocolate Covered Almonds and cute flower pens. I trimmed out the magnet board with leftover closet fabric.

That green thing is a receipt for the Tangled DVD to be picked up on release day.  Exciting!

 See that pig on the top shelf?  Her dad brought that back to her from Hong Kong when she was 5.  See that bunny on the middle shelf?  I made that for her for her first Christmas-out of bunny fabric no less. 

Ikea curtains, Ikea mouse, bedding from Fred Meyer ($20).  I ran out of budget and couldn't afford the Pottery Barn bedding we wanted but this has been sufficient.

HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL KYLIE! I LOVE YOU!!!(FYI: Kylie turns 17 in March!  my bad!)