Monday, August 25, 2008


About 13 years ago I made a phone call that literally changed my life. We had just lost our 4th pregnancy and this last one was quite late in the game. The doctors had stated there was nothing they could do. I was beyond heartbroken and sad. I was empty. I had heard of a doctor who literally performed miracles due to his knowledge, innate abilities and kindness. I decided to call this miracle worker 'just in case' the other MD's were wrong.

It was a Friday morning. I dialed the number I had been given. I was scared and nervous. A voice answered. Her name was Anne. She was an angel-truly! The conversation went like this:

"Good Morning! This is Anne."

"Hi, I don't know if you can help me but..."

"Tell me what made you call."

"I just lost my 4th pregnancy and..."

"Oh Honey! I'm so sorry! That should never have happened. Tell me all about it."

"(me, bawling on the phone) I agree! That should never have happened!"

After giving her a brief history, she put me on hold. A few moments later, Dr. Kort himself got on the line and spoke with me extensively. Within a week I had met with a perinatologist and then was sitting in Dr. Kort's office. He had a plan! His plan was specific, arduous, at times painful, quite expensive and more than a miracle. Within a year of that phone call I was holding our first baby-Kylie Mckay. The first of 5 babies to come.

Through it all there was Anne! Constantly reassuring me that this is where hope was. I was in the care of gifted hands. Anne calling me on scary days, painful days, frightening days, happy days. Always Anne.

I haven't spoken with Anne in over 9 years-till today.

I have a friend! I called Anne on her behalf... (tick tock tick)

My friend has an appointment now in Atlanta with Dr. Kort. She says Anne is amazing. She is hopeful and excited. She is comforted by Anne. It reminds me of how I felt so many years ago. To be in the hands of a miracle worker and tenderly cared for by an angel. Anne!

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Reddirt Woman said...

There are special places in Heaven for people like Anne... and doctors like Dr. Kort who sounds like he totally cares what happens in his patient's lives. You and your friend, and, I am sure, many others were very fortunate.