Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Mountain of Clothes

Sarah has changed her clothes no less than 17 times today. She has taken off her shirt that many times-and not every time in the house. She has worn her older brother's shirts, her older sisters shirts and occasionally her own. She has removed her diaper at least the said amount of times-it's turned out to be an expensive day.
I've watched her pull her shirt off outside in front of all of the neighborhood kids at least 5 different times today. It takes her less than a minute to strip down to nothing!

Every time she takes her clothes off she has to get new ones...I'm left with my very own Clothing Mountain Range.
Sarah modeling Sam's shirt with her very own sweater acting as a hooded shawl.


Reddirt Woman said...

From the gleam in her eyes in the photo she was having a ball, and perhaps knew that she was pulling her mom's chain a bit. Getting her clothes off and running around naked was probably a great time for her. Wait until she gets old enough to learn how to do the laundry and has to wash those 17 changes per day and then see who has the last giggle...

Hope your week goes well.

Helen G.

Kristin said...

Tiffani used to strip naked in the middle of the street when we were little and this was in a suburb of L.A. Clark and I would have to go hunt for her clothes. One time she turned up buck naked at the end of the diving board at a stake swim meet. We love to remind her about that now.