Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Colored Pencils

Sam is playing with colored pencils right now-7 packs of colored pencils. Of all things to play, he is playing army. There seems to be a fierce battle happening between the red/oranges and the blue/purple/blacks. He just announced that the red/oranges are outnumbered. I asked by how many...he answered by alot. He's counting-the numbers are going too high and he's losing track. Oh... now he is lining the pencils up man to man. I can see his brain spinning. Aha! They are outnumbered by 7. Hmmm? What is he thinking now? "Mom I need the yellows to help out the red/orange team. "Why?" I asked. "So they'll be even." How do you know they'll be even" Wheels in the head turning...comparing soldiers "because each color has 7 soldiers! Duh! Yeah!"
The red/orange/yellow team has officially decimated the blue/purple/black team. Casualties lay all over the floor while those who have won are marching down the table held by a 6 yr. old fist.

Interesting how much problem solving and learning occurred...estimating, counting, sorting, adding...interesting.

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