Friday, July 25, 2008

A bucket of swords

Last Saturday I went out yard sale-ing. I love to go to yard sales. I had a couple of items on my list-a mattress-which I found for $10. A bicycle-$10. Two kids wet suits-$10 and a bucket of swords-$5.

They were selling each sword for $1. I asked for the whole bucket and it was only $5. There were 23 swords in all. I brought them home to Sam and you would have thought he won the lottery.

Since the arrival of the bucket of swords, all of the neighborhood boys-8 in all, have been practicing for a war. We've been reading alot of Medivial Knights of the Round Table stuff, Civil War and Revolutionary War books. I believe that they are fighting a Knights of the Round Table war. They practice sword fighting every day. They choreograph actual fights. They have been making shields out of cardboard, bow and arrows out of sticks and string. They have decided that they need more archers than sword fighters because archers can stay alive longer due to being able to shoot and duck. The most surprising thing is they have requested 2 catapults.
They are very, very serious about this request. The specifications from them are: the catapults need to be 3 feet tall, moveable and be able to shoot large tinfoil canonballs across the cul-de-sac. I've been researching this online. There are lots of catapults that are little-not good enough for them they tell me. I've found one that is large made out of PVC pipe and I think I may adapt this one. From swords to catapults. I tell you, I didn't quite see this coming :)

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Heather said...

Just wanted to let you know I visited your blog. I find it very pretty. I liked the first blog (the only one I read, but may read more). I need to get me some swords.

Now I have to get back to eating ice cream.
Heather Marin