Thursday, July 3, 2008

Too much to say!

I have too many things that I want to blog about! So, until I can get focused I'm going to make a list and then soon I'll blog about those things.
1. Why I'm so pleased with Kylie's results in school and how that relates to homeschooling
2. My garage, overflowing and chaotic from the move last year was cleaned out yesterday by me and the neighborhood kids to almost perfection before the rain began. It's some great photos
3. Why I homeschool!
4. Why I send a kid to public school
5. Our racoon
6. The change a backyard pool can make in the running of a household
7. The change a backyard pool can make in the happiness of the household
8. The change a backyard pool can make in the laundry pile/now laundry mountain of the household.
9. Otterpops
10. Lilly-because all of my other munchkins have gotten a post all to themselves and she hasn't yet
11. My day at a glance-because I want to document this for future generations
12. Why do I not use a Menu Plan?
13. The story of the ankle-pictures and all (EWWW! Sooo disturbing and Frankensteinish) (I know I made up that last word but it seems to fit)
14. Therapy from the blogworld-it is so much cheaper, can be done on your own time and I'm constantly surprised by the therapy that occurs when I didn't know I was attending a session-I thought I was just roaming blogs (ok, that may end up being the post in its entirety but I needed notes for myself )

All right-that's all I'm going to list as a reminder for myself. I may have alienated you my 5 readers but I will have my thoughts and year documented. Yea! for me!!!!
I'll post when the last of the garage is done!

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Kim said...

Good Luck. I am very interested in the part about a backyard pool.