Friday, July 25, 2008

Observing Nature

I've always been fascinated with Charlotte Mason. I like narration, copywork and nature journals and I've used them all extensively. I've always thought about nature journals as just a way to get kids outside and see if they can observe and draw changes. I was so short sighted about this. I came across a post the other day that turned a light bulb on for me. The post is here. She quotes a famous scientist Richard Feynman and this is where the lightbulb happens...

"ALL of science is about trying to describe nature--whether it's biology or the known laws of physics. See, Nature is always out there, she's always doing what she does, and it's our job to try and trick her into revealing her secrets to us. It's a dance, because Nature doesn't always give up her secrets easily. You have to look closely at her; you have to experiment to really find out how she actually behaves!"

Science is about begins with nature journals and observing changes and describing through drawings and words what you see. Without knowing or understanding, by being in and around nature, you are in and around science! I love that!

Nature journals have a new meaning to me now.

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