Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letting go

I'm finding it hard to let go of that which I'm comfortable with. Every year of homeschooling I have used K12. A great program that is rich in content, enjoyable to teach and learn and is laid out in such a way that nothing is missed (from a PS perspective). I take comfort in that. I'm familiar with that and I know what to expect with that.
I was talking to a mother today who is new to homeschooling and is using K12. It was so much fun to talk to her and share my 6 years of experience with the program. Help her let go of things that were taking over her day and how best to love the experience. When I got off of the phone with her I felt slightly panicked. I'm not using K12 next year. I need to let go...why am I letting go?
That's right! Because it doesn't suit two of my children and is destroying their love of learning. Because I have enough experience to provide them the environment which will enrich their lives. Because I'm willing to let go of something great for something more excellent. Because everything within me says it's time to let go. I can trust myself. I can trust my children.

This is really, really hard!

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