Saturday, July 5, 2008

My plea for help was answered

You know, this blog world is an amazing world. I can't believe that I just discovered it a few weeks ago. I feel so lucky. I put out a plea and within a couple of hours it's answered.

Thank you Miranda for quickly answering my questions. See here. Ha! I did it! Yea!!

Okay the next challenge is to learn to strike through words . Amazing!

For all of you (all 7 of you) who haven't discovered Miranda's blog, I cannot recommend it enough. Travel on over here to take a look. One day when I was uneasy (example here) and knowing I needed to change some things with our homeschooling I came across Miranda's blog. I was in bed due to ankle surgery so I had a lot of time on my hands. I actually went back to the very beginning and read forward for several hours. Miranda inspired me in so many ways. I knew by the end of that day the types of changes that would be taking place in my home in regards to homeschooling. Later that week as confirmation I suppose, I came across this amazing blog. Once again, helping me to let go of conformity and trusting my kids and myself more and working with their needs and desires. It's a really exciting time for us. (see here)

On a funny note; I didn't know that blog owners could see how long people spent on their blogs. I'm sure that the owners of my 4 favorite blogs think I'm a stalker! (I kind of am but in a really, really positive way. )

I'm think I've mastered the hyperlink 'move' really well. I'm so excited!


Kim said...

So now that your questions have been answered, you will have to come help me. I had alot of the same ones, and for some reason, I can't get positive results.

Julie said...

Chari I seriously enjoy reading you blog. Seeing updates on the Bennett family. I hope all is well with you.