Friday, June 13, 2008


So, I've been in a funk lately due to my ankle surgery...long story short-I broke my ankle 11 months ago and I've had problems with it everyday since that fateful July 11th, 2007. Finally had to have surgery 8 weeks ago and it has been very difficult. Mainly because I'm a mother of 5 children, homeschool, try to overachieve in all sorts of areas and this being down for months has really challenged me mentally.
I've spent a lot of time online checking out blogs. I have to say that I've found 3 that have truly been lifesaving:
trust the children, nurtured by love, confessions of a pioneer woman

When I say lifesaving, I genuinely mean that. It's been more productive than therapy, I'm sure. For these people to let me sneak into their lives and help me let go, become, cry, make new goals and just be okay with what is happening has been great.
Pioneer woman is soooo great. She loves her husband soo much that it makes me want to shout from the rooftops: I love my husband too! This ankle has been such a strain on our family and our marriage-I've become very, very negative because of how little I have done to contribute to our family and to be honest, I feel incredibly guilty for everything that has fallen on hubby's shoulders. He seems to be fine with it. I, however am not! Thus the strain.
Ree (pioneer woman) has re-kindled my desire to be more loving and vocal about it. To remember that hubby is the greatest thing in this world and that I adore him! Ree loves her life! I love my life! I have forgotten how much I love my life (ankle ya' know) I am going to try to mimic Ree's example until it becomes my own.

If you read this-which I know that there are two people that do (thanks Kim and Rebecca) head over to pioneerwoman-read their love story. It's fantastically fun and I laughed out loud several times! She's also a fantastic photographer-makes me want to put on some cowboy boots, ride a horse and go wrestle a calf! Yee Haw!


Shamelessly Sassy said...

good luck with your surgery recovery!

Reddirt Woman said...

Hi Chari... Just came over from PW to encourage you to keep laughing and to be positive in your life and your relationships. Adversity becomes so much smaller when you can kick it in the patootie with laughter and a loving word or touch. Another plus is you heal faster, so here's to you and your journey back to wellness!!

Helen G.
Reddirt Woman

Chari said...

Thanks SS and Helen. That was such a surprise to see that not just one but two people took the time to come share and leave comments. It made my day!

Rebecca said...

I was going to start on her love story, but IT IS SO LONG! I'm devouring the Twilight series, so maybe when I come down from that drama I'll have to read her story. Thanks for sharing though!