Sunday, June 15, 2008


My son Sam plays T-ball! My dear hubby is the coach. Today was the last game of the season for the Thunderbolts. I have missed every game due to the ankle until today! I finally got to attend a game. YEAH!!! (I am waving my arms in excitement while exclaiming loudly) It was a GREAT game! I yelled and shouted and got in all of my cheering that I had missed this season in one game. (my throat is a little sore :) My daughters were horrified! My son loved it. In fact, Sam loved it sooo much, everytime he came up to bat he asked me to keep cheering and "don't stop until I run." That's the spirit Sam! Know that you are going to hit that ball and run. I LOVED cheering him on and everyone else that was playing because face it, I needed to make up for lost time. It was great fun.

Now this is a look of concentration! Go! Sam, Go! Go! Sam, Go! Go! Sam, Go! (do you get the idea?)

Sam is a funny guy. He has the ability to distract everyone who comes to his base by talking to them. Before they know it, the game might as well be over and they are on a playground chatting away...but it always happens in the middle of a game. Hysterical!

Sam also loves to play catcher. Once Sam goes down to the ground to get a ball he stays there until he has possession of it. I call it the army crawl of baseball. It's very funny to watch.

(the ball he was crawling after was at the fence line-look closely and you can see the fence far off in the distance)

Today he was dying because it was 'soooo hot'. It was 64 degrees in Seattle. Hot! Ha!

After the final game, we all went to Round Table for pizza. We were the last ones to arrive-of course. Coach Dad was packing things up and we had to drop some tired children off at home and...and... Anyways, we finally get our pizza as they begin handing out trophies and thank you gifts. Sam gets distracted and before he knows it, a worker comes and throws away his pizza. The poor kid was starving and crying. Well, the worker got him another pizza in short order. Yea! for cheese pizza. Sam actually asked if he could play t-ball next year. A miracle!

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