Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pagie loves

Paige! What a girl.

She is my second born, a peacemaker, she always calls me mommy loves, is extremely talented on the piano and is an amazing singer, a huge help and I find her to be very funny.

One day I was babysitting a friends baby. Paige had taken over caring for him. I asked Paige after several hours what the baby's name was and Paige responded by saying "I don't really know." "Well, what are you calling him then?" I asked. Paige replied " I've been calling him Bob!" That cracked me up. Good for you Paige for just making a decision and making it work. The baby's name was Benjamin by the way. That is so typical of Paige. She is quite the little problem solver and she can make most situations work out.

Paige is really fun to have at home. I love to watch her mind wrap around a new concept and see her apply it to different areas. It's so exciting for me. She gets so excited as well when she understands something which she has categorized as hard.

This is Paige doing a headstand in the snow! I tell you-she is funny!

I love you Paige!


Reddirt Woman said...

Reminds me when friends came to visit for the first time in Oklahoma... They were talking about all the double names on the country boys around this part of the country... Justin, our friends son, was probably about 12 at the time and we told him if he'd been born in Oklahoma instead of Minnesota his name would be Justin Bob. He's now in his early 30's and a father himself and we still call him Justin Bob every now and then just to tease him.

Paige sounds like a jewel. Another good post.. Thanks.

Helen G.

Rebecca said...

She sounds so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

Chari said...

Ya know, I'm always so amazed to have visitors to my little site. Helen I love your comments. You are always so kind and thoughtful. I look forward to you dropping by. Rebecca, welcome home!