Thursday, November 4, 2010

A threat!

My dear, dear friend Kristin emailed me yesterday and told me if I didn't update my blog soon, she was going to take me off of her blogroll. So Kristin, this one is for you!

We just got home from a great fieldtrip. We went to Olympia this morning and the older girls toured the State Capitol and then participated in a Mock Legislative Session with the other homeschooling kids we hang out. They really enjoyed it. While they were there, the little ones and I went to the Childrens Museum. We then all met up and the girls gave us a private tour of the Capitol. It is such a beautiful building. We then drove and met our Homeschooling Gang for 2 1/2 hours of Laser Tag. It was AWESOME! I'm tired!

Kylie is attending High School this year and has a great group of friends. She really enjoys early morning seminary and most things about school. She is an exceptional student and great girl.

Paige, Lilly and Sam are homeschooled and we are having a great time. We have some new favorite curriculums. First is ReadingEggs. Sam and Sarah looove it and it cracks the rest of us up. Highly recommend it. The girls love the Institute for Excellence in Writing Course. I've learned alot. We are using Pandia Press' History and Science this year. So enjoyable to both teach and learn.
So far for fieldtrips we have done a 3 day camp at the Olympic National Forest, a Challenge Ropes Course, a Tribal Edge Wilderness Experience, a fantastic play "The Borrowers",
the Sol Duc HotSprings and a Pumpkin Patch. It's been a good start to a great year.

For extra curriculur activities Paige and Lilly are in a Musical Theatre Production; Sam is taking drum lessons and rock climbing every week. Paige and Lilly rotate months with Rock Climbing. I still run the High School Vocal Group for Kylie and Paige after school on Fridays. We have a great group of kids and they can really sing. It's fun.

Sarah as always is a delight. She gets to play with a friend 2 mornings a week and has a preschool co-op again this year. She is funny, imaginative, sassy and quite independent.

Steve is in his last quarter of graduate school. Yay Steve!
That's all I've got today! Kristin, are you happy? love you


Kristin said...

Yes I'm happy! And I think I want you to home school my kids for me...

Kylie said...