Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I'm Doing

So, I'm down alot right now with some occasional trips into the living room to read aloud to my kids. We're working on Percy Jackson Book 4. We love Percy Jackson.

This week I've hand cut 12 little birds out of felt. Stitched them, stuffed them, made wings for them, added little eyes and a bit of rosy-ness to their cheeks. They are for girls camp-the girls camp that I'm not attending anymore. I did make an extra bird with a broken wing to represent me :)

I've started knitting squares for a blanket. I don't like the original yarn I used so I'm starting over with a different blend. The blanket is sooooo fantastic.

I've started blogging again.

I've been watching the TV Series 'Life'. It's great. It was only on for 2 seasons and I own both seasons. I'm on Season 1, disc 3.

I've visited with friends who have dropped by so I don't go stir crazy. Thanks friends!

I've had a Presidency Meeting on my bed, done a lot of computer work and have been finishing up all girls camp responsibilities so the new Teepee mom can just step into camp.

Thats it!

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Kristin said...

Well, hallelujah. Hell has frozen over and Chari is blogging again. You have got to be the most accident prone person I know - although I have a Young Woman that would give you a run for your money. I just got back from Girl's Camp and all I can ask is where are the Cullen's when you need them? I would have fed them a couple of my YW. (BTW, that's a Twilight reference in case you missed it.) One YW even called the Stake President a jerk. Mercy! Good thing I'm moving. We leave for South Carolina on Monday. Too bad you're not in Georgia any more. I think I'm going to be lonely. Love you!