Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jon asked for my help

I have a good friend from ages ago. His name is Jon Schmidt. Many of you have probably heard of him and his stuff. If you haven't, you should! He is an AMAZING pianist, composer, performer, recording artist, teacher and friend. We met in college at the University of Utah. He was my accompanist when I use to perform alot. He even played at my wedding reception. He has asked for my help and so I am asking for your help!

He has a new youtube video that he would like to get into the eye of the 'public'. I just watched it and it's great. Typical Jon Schmidt, whimsical and you just want to keep on listening.

Please take a moment and enjoy his stuff. He is truly gifted and he's my friend (who asked for my help :)

Also, head over to his site HERE and listen to WATERFALL. It's SOOOO much fun to play!
Thanks friends! I know I can count on you! (okay, that is a mothers guilt comment-but in my defence, I am a mother of 5 ;)


Julie D said...

Chari, next time you talk to Jon, tell him that my husband said "Hi". David and Jon were good friends growing up. What a small world! I think the last time David saw him was at your reception...

Kristin said...

I didn't know you knew Jon Schmidt. That's so awesome. I had heard a lot about him and finally saw him in concert last summer at Thanksgiving Point. It was an amazing performance and he also performed with the cellist seen here in this video. (I love the cello.) Jon is extremely talented and entertaining.