Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have HUGE dental phobias! I have had the worst luck with dentists, procedures...everything associated with the evil career. The thought of having to see a dentist makes me want to throw up. I start panicking, shaking and just want to die! Are you getting the point yet that I am terrified of all things dental?
Well, tomorrow I have to have not just a procedure but surgery. I guess I have a hole in my jaw bone that is getting larger and it is infected. It's been bothering me for a very long time but I have that phobia thing going...
I'm actually good friends with an endodontist and over the past couple of months he's been trying to get me to go see a colleague of his...I haven't done that. I genuinely can't! Huge trust thing I my friend scheduled surgery for me and is doing the procedure tomorrow himself.
Since he scheduled this I've had non-stop nightmares. I'm not kidding. I wake up trying to run away as fast as I can. I'm tired and stiff and sweating. If I think about it, I begin to cry.

I've lived in Israel during a time of conflict! I didn't cry due to fear! I've delivered 5 babies naturally-never cried due to fear. Tell me I have to have a procedure done at the dentist, I cry like a baby!
Okay, I will admit, it is a big deal oral surgery. I will be awake for it...and I'm sure crying like a baby!
Tomorrows going to be a bad, bad day!


Kyle and Sarah said...

Oh Chari, my belle! I'm sorry :( If it makes you feel any better I cried in the dentist's office before they took out my wisdom teeth (right before I got married). Dentists are need to be ashamed! But! Onto a more happy thought...are you practicing for the marathon?? I need details! When is the exact date?? I hope Krys is home from her mission bc she wants to come too! I think of it every time I'm at the gym!

Kristin said...

I cancelled my dental insurance because I hate to go and so never go. My back molar hurts and I keep hoping it will go away...sound familiar!

You're a tough girl and you'll be okay. I just can't believe that you have yet one more surgery to endure.

Chari said...

Thanks gals! It's good to know I have kind, compassionate and beautiful friends out there thinking of me~ Love you both!

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

How did it go? Are you still alive? Please post soon.