Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've Been Tagged with lots of guilt attached :)

Okay, so my buddy Kristin has thrown the gauntlet at me and let me know that not only did she tag me, but she knew I wouldn't accept the tag. Kristin has ALWAYS known how to get me to respond's the competiveness swirling through my soul. :) So, whoever I tag, it's Kristin's fault!

Here goes:

Here are the rules:
Post rules on your blog
Answer the six '8' items
Let each person know by leaving them a comment

8 favorite TV shows:

Burn Notice!!!!!!!!!! It's the BEST! USA Thursday nights
Top Chef
30 Rock
Dragons Den

8 things I did yesterday:

Set up the incubator for chicken hatching
Assembled 20 bookmarks for a youth event tonight
Played a game of ZUMA
Babysat 7 extra kids for several hours
scrubbed black paint out of my NEW carpet-it came out!
Made at least 15 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
taught piano lessons
Chatted with Eddie and Mindee till midnight

8 things I'm looking forward to:

Friday to come and go without Steve being laid off (Boeing is laying off 10,000 workers on Friday-EEK!)
My kitchen renovation completed
My walls painted (they are in that weird in between stage of patches, old color, primer etc)
Sam reading on his own
Sarah potty trained
Recording my girls singing this weekend
My hubby coming home from work
Burn Notice on Thursday night :)

8 favorite restaurants:

Cheesecake Factory
China Garden
Anything Laura A. puts her culinary skills to (you know who I'm talking about)
The Keg
I can't think of any more so 6 will have to do.

8 Things on my wish list

I was 100 lbs. lighter
My ankle and foot wouldn't cause me pain every day
I had a closer relationship with my brothers
I could go away with Steve for a few days
I met Rob Thomas (I love him) (Matchbox Twenty for those who don't know)
I had unlimited funds for purchasing learning supplies
We had a complete two year supply
All of my children were strong readers, loved math and sought out learning at every turn...Ahhh! a mother can dream.

8 people I tag (don't hate me):

Sarah O.
Kim M.
Rebecca L.
Rebecca P.
Whitney B.
Amanda H.
Mari L.


sueyado said...

Thanks for NOT tagging me!!! Love to read about your crazy life! Sure wish we could get together sometime :) Love you! Sue

Kyle and Sarah said...

Sarah O....would that be me, miss Chari?

Kristin said...

Well, shut my mouth! Love you!

Rebecca said...

I like tags, Chari, but I have done this one...I think when I did it is was five or six things. I enjoyed doing it though! Still love reading your I have to ask, because we are planning on doing this as well...where did you get an incubator for your chicken eggs?