Sunday, September 7, 2008

A look back at the week

Kylie had a great first week at school. The kids had a great first week at home. I don't like to define homeschooling by weeks. The way we live, it's continual learning that is not defined by the beginning and end of a school year.

However, the learning recap is: Paige has been working on her multiplication facts. She loves the new flashcards I purchased earlier. She's been baking and cooking alot. If we can just work on cleaning up the messes afterwards.

Lilly has been designing and beading up a storm. You wouldn't believe her work. It's better than most adults beading work. Her designs are brilliant. She balances color, texture and depth so well. I'll take some photos and post them.

The girls have been putting together the elements for a study on the continents. They've been letting me know what types of thing they are curious about and I've been finding info for them. They are going to make a lapbook out of all of their facts.

Sam has been continuing his lapbook and reading of 'My Fathers Dragon'. He is very pleased with his lapbook and shows it to everyone who comes over. Sam has also been spending time throwing the gigantic dice and adding up the dots. I showed him how to graph his results and he thought that was cool and then actually made a graph. It's been sunny so lots of playing outside has happened. Picking vegetables from our garden, riding bikes, lots of walks.

It was a good week.

Paige and Lilly had an exciting adventure this week. All three girls are housesitting for a friend. Paige and Lilly take the morning shift of feeding animals, watering plants etc. On Thursday, Paige and Lilly went alone for the first time. Once they open the door they have 60 seconds to deactivate the house alarm. Well, a wrong button was pressed and the very loud alarm went off. Lilly panicked and ran to her bike and started crying and told Paige to come now. Paige stayed calm. She knew the police would be calling, which they did very quickly. Paige told them that they were housesitting and accidentally set off the alarm. They should call the owners on their cell phones and they would confirm the story but could they please shut off the alarm. A few minutes later a police officer showed up at the house. Lilly by this time had gone back inside. The police officer asked to see the house key-even tried it out to make sure it worked. He then went through the entire house with the girls asking all them sorts of questions. Where are the pets? What do you feed them? I assume he was making sure they were really suppose to be there. Then the officer left.

I'm so proud of Paige for staying so calm. For not panicking or crying in the face of strangers or police officers. For knowing what to do. We have since practiced with her unlocking the door, turning off the alarm, turning on the alarm, locking the door several times so hopefully the police won't arrive. and Lilly? she just cracks me up...I can picture her panicking and crying and wanting to escape on her bike. Now that everyone is safe, the thought makes me giggle.

My foot is here. It is healing but I'm still suppose to be down. Down! Down! Down! Good grief! and that is all I will say on that subject :)

On another note, I had cable hooked up! I decided on DirectTV. It was installed on Saturday. I was alone in the house and couldn't go downstairs with the tech guy. We have three T.V.s in the house. Cable was being installed on two of them. The one in the master bedroom and the one in the family room. The third T.V. is a tiny portable 12" tv that I use in my music/craft room. The tech actually hooked up the tiny 12" tv in my craft room instead of the family room TV. For real! Even though I told him the family room with the large TV. He went into a bedroom and hooked up a tiny TV. I'm anxious to see how DirectTV is going to resolve this.

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