Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last Sunday he fell out of a two story window. It was his bedroom window. It was only cracked a bit. His mom found him on the concrete ouside with the screen under him. He is 2. He has been in the trauma center for the past week in the ICU. He was just transferred to Children's Hospital for longterm inpatient rehabilitation. He isn't talking yet. His walking isn't right yet. It could have been so much worse. His mom (my dear friend) seems to be very calm and very hopeful and has quickly adapted to her new life. Nights spent at the hospital, still parenting an older child at home, little bits of progress becoming the lifeline to normalcy.

Last week my dear friends sat in court observing the choosing of the jury. The jury that would decide the financial future and fate of their severely disabled daughter. A daughter that due to a birth gone very wrong will never hear, sit, walk, eat, speak. The expenses are in the millions. The injuries are directly related to very bad decisions made by professionals. They are holding their breath. The trial starts on Monday.

My heart is breaking for NieNie and I don't even know her or her family but she makes me want to be a better person. If you don't know her story, go here.

My stuff seems so pathetic in comparison!

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