Friday, January 18, 2013

Paige's Bedroom Makeover-15th Birthday -1 month ago

This is Paige! This is her on her Birthday! Her 15th Birthday! She just spent all day at Childrens Hospital and is not happy about it-though she always wears a smile.  
While Paige was at the hospital, I was very busy at home with lots and lots of friends.  We were transforming her room from a yellow craft room to 'Paige'! Lots of pink combined with beautiful walls of gray.  It turned out spectacular.  

Lilly wrapped Paige's bedroom door.  This is the reveal!
Do you see the chandelier?  It's new! Curtains? new! Bedding? new!
Wa La! Do you see the ode to Blake Shelton?  It's her favorite!

A new vanity with mirror and amazing wall hooks for jewelry, flat irons and hair dryers. 
Her pink wall with her dresser and best friend framed

 See the chandelier?  It's new :)
A new curtain to cover the closet...

 Dry erase board over the keyboard.  Perfect!

This is my older daughter Kylie, who is clearly enjoying taking photos.  Funny!

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Sarah Osborne said...

This is THE most perfect room! I'm so glad you posted pictures. I even enlarged them all to get a better look :) I sure love you and your girls!