Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What does 100 mean to me?

The number 100 is very interesting to me today. At times it represents how much weight I should probably lose. Other times it is the number I'm helping a child learn to count to-by ones, fives, tens etc. It seems to be the number of miles I drive in a day whenever I have the car. Today however it means something very different. It means heat, sweat, misery, longing for coolness and lots and lots of popsicles being eaten. Today the temperature where I live reached 101 degrees. This is a place where a hot day is considered 83 degrees. A heat wave is 3 days in the eighties. We have now had several days in a row feeling the agony of the upper 90's.

We do not have air conditioning. 90 % of the population here in Seattle does not have air conditioning. We have fans and really large windows that try to invite the sun in. Those windows are very good at their job and so? It is hot! (we wanted another fan yesterday but everyone was sold out. We hit Costco at the right moment as a worker was carting out a dozen fans they had just found. We got one of those. )

To help combat the heat today, I woke up early and duct taped tarps to my windows to cover them. I'm now the house with bright blue tarps duct taped with turquoise tape to my windows. Sweet! I think it helped. We've been living downstairs because it is cooler and a dozen kids have been living in my pool. In a 15 hour period 48 popsicles and about 30 otter pops have been consumed. No real food has been eaten because it is just too hot! Dinner was watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and costco rolls.

Have I told you it's hot? It's suppose to be hotter tomorrow! Uugh!!!!!!!!


Rebecca said...

It's probably not going to help if I tell you that having A/C is a pain since it freezes my toes....Nah, I didn't think that would help.

Paige said...

I hear ya. Miserable. We're all melting at our house. We've been living on smoothies & cold chicken.

Kristin said...

Hmmm. Tarps on the windows. Soundslike some creepy news story waiting to happen.

Sarah Osborne said...

Chari, what rotten timing we have! We are in Sacramento until next Tuesday (my good friend is getting married here). Will you still be in town next week?? If so, we'd love to see you!!! My # is 801-471-8773...so call if you're still in town (I put your # in my phone).