Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Game

While perusing one of my favorite blogs, I read about this Colorku game. It's a sudoku game that instead of using numbers, you use colors. I thought it looked like a lot of fun but my $ was all gone. So, my girls and I sat down one day and made our own version. It cost us less than $2 and has been a huge hit. I used clear flat marbles, a circle punch and cardstock. We glued the circles on the bottom of the marbles. They dried in just a few minutes. I then went online and generated sudoku puzzles in very easy, easy and medium. I made up my own sudoku grid and instead of putting in numbers put in a color. I printed out the puzzles-1 per page and placed them in page protectors in a binder. I have 30 puzzles that I made if anyone wants a copy. We have made 3 game boards for us. I had a box that a scrapbook came in. It had a natural grid as you can see. I simply drew the lines with a sharpie.
We sometimes all work on different puzzles or race each other using one puzzle. It's been so much fun. It seems like someone is playing the game at all times. I'm making a magnetic version as well (placing magnets on the back of the marbles and then making a grid on a sheet of metal-it will be good for traveling, bedtime etc.)
Thanks for great ideas!


Miranda said...

What a brilliant creation! Well done! I like the idea of a travel version too.

Whitney and Allen Bennett said...

CHARI! I need your email address so I can send you an invite to my blog. I don't have your email address so I haven't been able to send you one. If you could email it to me at that would be great. Hope all is well!

Julie said...

What a creative game idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey I found your blog!! Love it. Can I have a copy of your sudoko game? Where di dyou get teh clear flat marbles?
Here's my email:

Restless Mom said...

i can't believe how much your kids look like you... and how much they've grown! :)