Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Intentions

So, I've been reading a couple of interesting blogs lately and feel like I should participate for my own 'journaling' sake. I think it would be cool to print my blog every year into a book and keep a record for my'll see if I can stick with this more consistantly than scrapbooking, journaling and the like.

My mom never called back to let me help her set up a blog, which to be honest I was kind of bummed about. I think she would have thoroughly enjoyed documenting their three month long vacation in Hawaii. and I would have thoroughly enjoyed helping her but it didn't happen. So... I'm going to use the intended blog space as my own.

Frustrating for everyone I'll be jumping back and forth until I get a rhythm going with this blog :)
But it may be only for myself so not frustrating at all.

Right now I'm recovering from ankle surgery which I had 9 days ago. I can't use my right leg in any way for 6 entire weeks. This is not fun or easy. So...I'm hanging around an awful lot-not moving a lot. I imagine if I use some time wisely, I'll get quite a bit posted. This is where my Good Intentions come in...wish me luck!

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